100mg/ml Flavorless NicBase Nicotine Liquid

100mg/ml Flavorless NicBase
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10% (100mg/mL) Flavorless NicBase Solution

  • Nicotine meets or exceeds US Pharmaceutical Standards
  • Kosher Certified
  • Blended with US Pharmaceutical Grade Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Nicotine Labs' Unflavored Nicotine Liquid Solutions are proudly made with the highest grade nicotine available. It is always extracted and distilled from tobacco plants and is never extracted from lesser quality forms such as Nicotine Sulfate, nor is it ever made from synthetics.

Our flavorless liquid nicotine solutions are truly the best of their kind! Our search for the best products to blend with have resulted in diluted pre-blended solutions that are more smooth, have less bite, with drastically lower 'pepper' taste if any when compared to other nicotine solutions on the market. Every batch is triple titration tested from multiple levels of the batch to ensure consistency and uniformity and is then blanketed with Argon and/or Nitrogen before packaging and hermetically sealed to maintain freshness.

All of our flavorless liquid nicotine solutions are blended using a minimum 99.9% pure Propylene Glycol or 100% pure Vegetable Glycerin carrier bases, the highest quality available as well as being US Pharmaceutical Grade, and Kosher Certified.

More and more customers are experimenting with their own strengths, flavor combinations and carrier base ratios. Our customers can expect pure, natural, pre-diluted nicotine blends for use in their personal and commercial applications.

We have worked hard to create this quality, top-of-the-line, flavorless liquid nicotine solution just for you.

* Note: The Nicotine Labs premium, pre-diluted, US Pharmaceutical Grade blended nicotine solutions listed here are intended for laboratory and manufacturing use where diluted liquid nicotine solutions are required in consumer products.

MUST BE DILUTED before use!


Great Company to purchase from - quick shipping. High quality Nic and awesome flavorings. Will definitely order again and again.

Flavorless, good quality. very fast shipping. thank you.

I received my Liquid Nicotine very quickly and even got a surprise Virus Protection Trial as well. Ya'll are really on the ball and I will be ordering again! Thanks So Much!

I Have a great relationship with high level leadership at this company and we work very well together. The Flavors are great and of very high quality. I have used quite a few other Nicotine and Flavor concentrate companies and have to say Nicotine Labs and Delosi is right at the top of my list now. If you are planning to start making your own E-Li quid for personal or commercial use then you need to buy from Nicotine Labs. Also most importantly Nicotine Labs have made a conscious effort to make sure their products do not include Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, or Acetoin which can cause harm. A+++

Most amazing vape flavors ever!! Order came very quickly and accurately. Very happy, will loyally purchase these products as I feel they are the best out there.

Very high quality product.

My order arrived very quick, was very pleased with the nicotine bottle presentation and quality - very very high quality!