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Review of Future New Flavor Releases

by Staff Writer

One of our most active members of our Facebook Vaping DIY Recipe Page received some samples of our up coming new Delosi flavors. She let us all know what she thinks of them.

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On September 15th, Kat S posted:

"Alright, so I was lucky enough that NicLabs asked me to sample some up and coming flavors that are in the works, review them, and let you guys know. So, now that I've tested each of them, I'll go down the list and give off some percentages that they taste great at.

First off, I'd love to introduce a new Fruity Pebbles flavor! This one is WAY better than the original, and all I added was a bit of cereal base (2-3% to a batch with 10% FP). It's awesome. Not as lemon like, and the taste is very much THERE. You could go either way and make either a fruit loops flavor or a fruity pebbles flavor.

Next was an Oatmeal Raisin cookie. This was good at around 10% as well, but I'd recommend starting at about 8%. This one is pretty on point. You can definitely taste the raisin notes in it.

Ice drops...a new peppermint flavor, and it blows any menthol these guys have out of the water. I'm not even kidding when I say 5 drops in a test batch overwhelmed 15% tobacco. It's awesome though, especially for anyone who enjoys a cool vape. This is literally menthol ice. And I despise menthol. It was pretty awesome. I'd suggest about 1 drop for every 5-10 ml."


Dialing Down the Fruity Pebbles

by Staff Writer

Here's a post on our DIY Vaping Recipes Facebook page that just won't quit.

Back in November, Todd P said: "My fruity pebbles tastes kind of lemon like to me and not like the cereal. Used 3% what can I do to make it sweet cereal like'

The conversation is ongoing with a bunch of vapers helping each other figure out the best way to blend our Delosi Fruity Pebbles flavor with other base flavors to help make a super flavor balanced-tasting vaping experience.

Brian Betts has a great way to help warm his flavors. "They actually sell a baby bottle band warmer for cars. Works well without overheating."

Our resident expert from Nicotinie Labs is helping out too along with many dedicated vapers in our group.

Nic Labs helps to explain: "Hi Todd, the FP is a base flavor. You still need to account for the cereal and cream notes as well as sugars. We do it this way on this version because it gives more control to you as the mixer to say what YOUR version of FP will taste like. You can add cereal, sweet cream, vanilla cream, & Sweet Original (EM for that "Sugar" taste) to round off your profile in your juice. Just be very sparing on the Sweet Original; too much and you will get a Maple Syrup taste going on.

We are working on a more comprehensive FP for those that don't want to mix all the stuff together. This one will give you a base starting point with most of the branded cereal flavors in it already. However, you will still probably want to add other thing to boost the areas in your particular palette that you are targeting."

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Mixing Your Juice

by Staff Writer

On May 13, Brandon O started a firestorm of a conversation on our Vaping DIY Recipes Facebook Group page. He wants to get detailed step by step instructions on how to mix eJuice. The conversation is still ongoing and has gotten a lot of our members to come out and help Brandon and each other out. Our resident expert here at Nicotine Labs got into the "mix" too!

Brandon O said: "Hey guys I wanted to touch base with everyone and see if we can get some posts going with detailed step by step instructions on exactly how everyone is mixing their juices. Percentages vs vg/pg vs flavorings this is best done if u break down everything into 100 ml batch size. Also what processes are you guys using for steeping. I am fairly new to this and I buy all my flavors from delosi.. I must admit my juices are not turning out well. Everything I make either doesn't have much flavor and aroma.. or has a sort of chemical smell and taste.. I have done an insane amount of research and mixed about 1000 ml of juice just to be disappointed each time.. if I can't get it together I will be forced to start buying my own ejuice again and nobody wants those prices. PLEASE help soon the only thing I've managed to make half decent is a menthol and I feel that is only due to the overpowering flavoring of menthol it self."

Carlos R replied: "The beauty of making your own ejuice is about trying and failure do small samples try different formulas and create your own flavors."

Violet S W shared: "We only use delosi flavors and Nicotine Labs vg, pg, and Nicotine. Never have had a chemically taste from their products. They're the safest products without the harmful chemicals and prices you can't beat! I wouldn't buy from anywhere else, you just have to perfect your mix. 10-15% flavoring is all you need, use vaporcalc app. We mix 30 ml bottles, and use 70/30 vg/pg, and 3 mg. Nicotine."

Join us on Vaping DIY Recipes and read the other 60 plus comments!

New to DIY Looking for New Recipes

by Staff Writer

Asim A is new DIY Vaping. He was looking for some advice and new recipes to try. The DIY Recipes community stepped right up to guide him in the right direction.

Asim A said: "I am new to DIY and recently purchased some raw material from Nic Lab including 500 ml of VG, 500 ml of PG, 250 ml of Nicotine 100 mg/ml. And now I am looking for some good recipes that I can mix from my purchased flavors. Flavors that I have on my shelf are Green Apple, Blueberry, Pineapple, Peach, Mtn Dew Type, Tuti Fruiti, Strawberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Menthol, Vapor Ice, Mega Sweet, Sweet Cream and Burley.
My flavors are desperately waiting for me to do something with them. Waiting for your creative ideas"

Brian B shared some advice: "Hope you weren't planning on small batches. 100% nicotine is for large batching unless you have a fine scale or syringes incremental under 1ml. Too much nic can ruin your juice!" And he shared a link explaining how to dilute nicotine.

Our own Nic Labs Chimed in too!

Comment here to add your ideas and suggestions, or join the discussion on the Facebook Group Page: "Vaping DIY Recipes

New DIY Flavor

by Staff Writer

Inspiration for new vaping flavors can come from anywhere. I was recently in the store and saw a "Daily's" brand frozen beach edition drink bag called "Maui Wowie" and wondered "would this be any good as a vape?"

Summer is fast approaching, let's make our first group DIY flavor together.

We started it off by creating a baseline single flavor using equal parts of: Honeydew Melon, Valencia Orange, Pineapple, Coconut, Pear; which were the flavorings listed on the bag. Next, we used 12% of that "Maui Wowie" created flavoring in our juice. It's pretty good but not perfect yet. Maybe we should sub our Pina Colada for the Coconut and Pineapple... Maybe add something not listed on the beverage bag.

Let's group mod this and get a final awesome DIY Flavor for summer that we all can enjoy. We started it, who is next to make a change?

Comment here to add your ideas and suggestions, or join the discussion on the Facebook Group Page: "Vaping DIY Recipes".

Reduced Nicotine Levels

by Staff Writer

From our active "Vaping DIY Recipes" Facebook Group:

Jennie D. was looking for some help on her Nicotine levels and what reducing those nicotine levels would do to the throat hit. She was able to learn that a propper balance between the nicotine levels and the VG need to be made in order to create the desired throat hit.

On April 22, 2016 Jennie D. asked:

"Out of curiosity has anyone purchased nicotine liquid 50/50 over the past couple weeks? I just reduced down to 6mg nicotine from 12mg. I swear my liquid has ZERO VG in it despite my order and the label. Does the throat hit decrease to ZERO with decreased mg? By adding extra VG it will dilute the nicotine more and I don't want that but will if I have to. Wondering if it's the batch or is this how it will be from here on out? I would love any suggestions or comments!"

Mitch K commented: I have found the nicotine strength you're vaping does affect the throat hit quite a bit. I have backed myself down to 3mg, and make most of my juices with ~80% VG, and they're generally really light on the throat.

Nic Labs commented: Dumas is correct, more PG will increase the throat hit. Your previous order in 12mg-50/50 has twice the nic which will also have more throat hit. VG smooths out the hit while also producing more vapor. You took a 50% reduction in Nic.

This particular discussion is still ongoing and has brought a lot of help and advice. As you can see, our resident vaping expert has gotten into the mix also.

Comment here to add your advice and ideas, or join the discussion on the Facebook Group Page: "Vaping DIY Recipes".

Nicotine Labs Writers

by Staff Writer

We are looking for fellow vapers to write quality articles for our blog.

Share your vaping experiences.

The articles must be relevant to eLiquid, eFlavor or vaping in general. Beyond that, have fun with it!

Suggested Topics:

  • custom recipes
  • vaping experiences
  • vaping competition experiences
  • tips and tricks
  • favorite accessories

Submit your articles to If we like your article and post it on our blog you will be rewarded 2000 reward points for each article. That is a $20 value to spend on

Quality is the key here. The more articles you write, the more of your articles we may post, the more you earn!

Your name can be on the article, or it doesn't. Up to you.

Articles should be 300 words or more. Any images or videos you would like to provide with your articles would be great. We understand that quality doesn't necissarily come with quantity. If you're happy with your article, and it's less than 300 words, no worries - we would still love to see it.

Rewards for each writer will be limited to 2 a month. We retain the right to raise or lower that limit if needed. Ultimate ownership of the articles we post and reward you for will transfer to Nicotine Labs and we will then have the right to share it via our newsletters and social media.

Shipping Smart

by Staff Writer

What a huge topic! Although we are discussing shipping with Nicotine labs, a lot of the information here will apply to any website. Ready to get started?


The first thing we need to clear up is what the order statuses mean.

How do I dilute my nicotine for vaping?

by Staff Writer

This is a question we get on a regular basis and is one that we feel is one of the most important questions that can be asked. Let's face it, it's been awhile since we were in school and the vaping industry uses the metric system as the dominating measuring scale and it can be down right confusing.

This discussion is only going to address the physical dilution of nicotine liquid in milliliters (ml) as that is the most common way Do It Yourself (DIY) preparations are made. Most DIY users will not have or buy a scale and we can use weights as a topic later if need be.

The first thing to understand is the math. It's actually pretty simple but we will work it out here in an easy to follow and easy to understand format.

My ejuice has WHAT in it?

by Staff Writer

This is a question that seems to be asked more and more every day and amazingly, I can't seem to recall anybody EVER asking what was in their (analog) tobacco cigarettes; much less demand that a certain chemical (arsenic maybe?) get removed by the manufacturer. No, we never did that and for years we simply sucked in the smoke and let the rush of calm flood over us as the nicotine and thousands of other chemicals invaded our bloodstream and tissues.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about the unwarranted fear generated (probably innocently) by people reading MSDS results and then inappropriately transposing those to their eLiquids and eFlavorings.

Why is this a concern you ask? Well, partly because it's a slippery slope. Let's just assume for one moment that we want our eLiquid completely free of anything with an inhalation warning as our only criteria. Immediately we have to remove the nicotine, it has an inhalation warning. We may as well remove all the flavorings as every component will have a warning as well and while we are at it, let's get rid of the Propylene Glycol (PG), the Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and hey… any water too because you know, inhaling too much water will kill you for sure! What is left? Nothing!